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Coaching for Law Firms
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I provide custom coaching and leadership development packages that rise up leaders from within and improve organizations.
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Programs tailored specifically to your organization.

It’s easy to forget that organizations (including law firms) are, at their core, human beings working together to achieve common goals. So, why would your organization work with someone like me? Usually it’s because one or more of those pieces (humanity, defined goals, teamwork, progress) are missing. Specifically, you know that with investment in the team you currently have, a lot more is possible.
Every coaching relationship is unique, and that includes my coaching relationships with organizations. Because of this, all of my packages are shaped by each client based on their needs, goals, and budget. Packages can include large workshops, group and individual coaching, and leadership development training.


For our purposes, workshops are stand-alone interactive experiences in large or small groups where participants learn and work together in real time to develop new skills and understandings.

Examples of Stand-Alone workshops:
• Communicating across Meyers-Briggs Types
• Time Management & Time Keeping
• Boundaries for Brilliance
• Dynamic Communication

For a more comprehensive experience consider the Core Frameworks series.



Coaching is a creative, thought-provoking partnership between the Coach and Client designed to facilitate the creation and development of personal, professional, and/or business goals while also developing and executing a plan for achieving those goals. There are three consistent ingredients that produce breakthrough results in life, relationships, and business. They are:
• Objective outside feedback
• Accountability
• Measurement & Acknowledgment of Growth


Leadership Development

Leadership development is a comprehensive experience that includes coaching, intentional training, and skill development. This can be done as an individual or within a group setting. The difference between leadership development and coaching is the additional training and skill development curriculum.

While all of my programs will likely cover many of the same topics the depth and breadth will vary depending on your needs.

Let's see if your organization is a fit.

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How do workshops work?

Workshops are facilitated learning experiences that are more aligned with training than they are with coaching. Workshops are ideal for targeted development and fine-tuning existing skills. Workshops aren't intended to be transformational, but they can have a lasting impact, especially when they're tailored to your goals.

Coaching is an investment in the future of your organization.

Through coaching your team will learn to execute on their visions and create breakthrough results.

Whether it’s within a group or on an individual basis, my commitment to my clients is to be the partner they need to have the breakthroughs that will launch them to the next level.

Individual coaching allows for flexibility, self-pacing, greater confidentiality, and self-identified goals.

Group coaching lends itself to a more structured experience and requires the participants to take responsibility for their development together. It also allows for more accountability among each participant, and can lend itself to significant relationship growth.

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Organizational Results


From 2018 to early 2023, I have helped over 12 organizations align their teams and rise up leaders from within.

revenue & efficiency

100% of my organizational coaching clients have seen a significant increase in revenue and efficiency.

team alignment

Organizations are made of people. I help teams create alignment they have never had prior to working with me.

for current leaders

The organizational coaching programs provide support for current leaders and allow those quiet team members to rise up to become leaders.

Success Story
Erin provided a safe yet challenging environment where the possibilities for growth were endless.
Kristin Lothrop
Sinars Slowikowski Tomaska
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Organizational Coaching: Frequently Asked

How do I know if my organization needs coaching, workshops or leadership development?

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Your organization might benefit from working with me if:

You’re ready to take your organization to the next level and you need some support and accountability to get there.

You want to develop the next generation of leaders for your organization.

You’re ready to be transformational in your industry.

Projects are regularly not hitting targets and deadlines; nothing’s terrible, but something seems off.

Leaders aren’t sure how to motivate their teams, and teams are feeling squeezed by their leaders.

Nothing’s really wrong, but you know it could be way better.

What’s the investment?

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It truly depends. Typically we look at how many people are being served, the length of the engagement, the scope of work, and your goals. For reference, stand alone workshops start at $3,000, individual coaching packages start at $5,000, and leadership development packages start at $18,000.

Who is your dream organizational client?

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Pixar - Do they need coaches? They’re pretty transformational already. That’s why I’d love to work with them! Often coaching and development isn’t about fixing the things that are broken; rather it’s about making what’s good great. My ideal clients are ready to build upon what’s already working because they have a vision for how brilliant it can be.

Ready to rise up leaders in your organization?

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