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Coaching is my second career. Prior to becoming a coach, I was an attorney who worked both with individuals and Fortune 500 corporations. My one-on-one clients are executives, creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs in many sectors - Legal, Healthcare, Consulting, Education, and Entertainment. I also work with Law Firms and Organizations to provide custom coaching and leadership development packages.


In addition to my private practice, I train coaching and leadership development with Accomplishment Coaching. I am actively working to develop our coach training curriculum to be more inclusive through a DEIB lens. I also facilitate custom workshops on subjects like Black and White Thinking, Leadership, Creating Team Culture, the Power of Do It Now, and Communicating Your Greatness. As an attorney I provided pro bono services to immigrant and LGBTQ communities.


Outside of my professional accomplishments, I spent about 10 years writing and performing comedy in and around Chicago, IL. In addition to comedy, I am also a green thumb, bike rider, cook, motorcyclist, writer, reader, aunt, sister, daughter, friend, and explorer.


More than anything, I'm a human being who loves supporting and connecting with other human beings.

I talk a lot about my journey here, on The Former Lawyer Podcast.

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Are you up to big things, but could use some help? Using your innate talents, thoughtful inquiry, and insight, I provide coaching services that create your path for success. In addition to 1-on-1 consultations and group sessions, I regularly host workshops and seminars for people who are interested in developing their creative, personal, and

professional lives.



You're brilliant, busy, and have a million ideas about ways you could grow. Together we'll work to magnify your strengths, identify your hurdles, and move you to the next level in your self and career. Our work together will identify patterns, hurdles, and limiting beliefs so that you can create new frameworks and fully step into the life you've always dreamed of.

Group Coaching

From time to time I create and offer group coaching programs with specific themes. Group coaching is amazing if you are motivated by community, can empower vulnerability with others, and are ready to let others be a mirror for yourself. If you are interested in learning more about my next group coaching program when it launches in 2022 join my waitlist.

In a Meeting

Training and Workshops

With a background in law, comedy, and training coaches, I am able to deliver impactful and entertaining workshops and presentations. Whether I'm talking about Leadership, Effective Communication, Team Building, or providing training attendees will stay engaged while also gaining new tools and insights.

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E.R. - Designer

Erin is a fantastic coach. I came to her feeling too busy, overwhelmed and uncertain about my career. She helped me discover, articulate, and pursue my goals in a way that helped me improve my career and personal life beyond my expectations.


Every session was enlightening and enabled me to identify and overcome my self-imposed constraints. Erin helped me uncover my purpose, which has had a measurable effect on my entire life. In short, my marriage is better, I’m a better father and I’m doing the work I love and feeling successful again.


Honestly I was incredibly skeptical about coaching, but week after week I continued to make progress and achieve valuable results. If you’re feeling stuck and feel like you can accomplish more than you are, I would highly recommend working with Erin.

S.J. - Executive Director

I owe so much of the positive change I’ve made this year to Erin. I didn’t necessarily realize It while I was working with her, but she was the clever catalyst to uncovering and helping me to change the trajectory of my limiting beliefs and disempowering behavior patterns so I could stop wasting time and get back to being the badass that I am. She sees possibility in you when you are feeling blocked from seeing it yourself. Clearly she loves being a coach and a stand for her clients’ dreams, which is why I highly recommend working with Erin. She provides a space where you can be exactly who you are. It’s a space where you and she, as partners, can identify what is in the way of what you want and then create a plan to obliterate those obstacles. She’ll have your back every step of the way. 

L.P. - Diversity & Inclusion Professional

In thinking about the direction in which I wanted my life to go, I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with Erin Conlon as my life coach. Erin is the person who cares deeply for her clients and really invests in assisting them in moving forward in their personal and professional lives. Erin is compassionate, but is also committed to helping her clients see past their own perspective and view a situation for what it really is. Her dedication to being the best coach she can be really shines through in the relationship she builds with her clients. I am very thankful for Erin and her passion, light, wisdom, humor, and the joy she brought to each coaching call. 

A.W. - Musician, Coach

Working with Erin was an unexpectedly transformative experience. A lot of us interested in coaching hear that transformation is on the menu, but scarcely see it as a reality. I’d worked with many coaches, but I could immediately tell that Erin was different. Her ability to look beyond the obvious and help reveal the  empowering and valuable parts of myself that I hadn’t seen before was eye opening to say the least. I walked in expecting more productivity and more success, but what I walked out with was a lot of self love, a greater sense of myself, and a powerful connection to what is possible in my life. Through working with Erin, I have absolutely found measurable productivity and success. Erin is a gift and I couldn’t encourage people enough to work with her.

B.A. - Attorney

Erin has a unique perspective and approach to coaching that has proved vital to helping me unlock and access my true essence. She is empathic and approachable, yet professional and progressive. She understands and speaks to my lawyer brain yet pushes me to understand and utilize everything that makes me ... well, me. She’s helping me move into a more complete understanding of my whole self through a bevy of probing questions and tough, but effective practices and projects. I cry, I laugh, I grow. 


The progress I’ve achieved in a short time working with her was so immediately apparent to my boss that after just one month, she offered to defray some of the costs because she was so impressed and thankful for my improved confidence and leadership skills I am now bringing to the office. 


I’m very thankful that I decided to work with Erin and I’m so appreciative of all the steps forward, small and large, that she’s helped me take to be more of my fierce, determined, and confident self. 

J.S. - Entrepreneur

Erin is Love incarnate. She creates a space for you where you are loved, respected, supported, and understood. From that place, with that level of partnership, I started creating my heart's desires and designing a beautiful life.

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“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I?
If not now, when?”

Hillel the Elder

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