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You don't have to be miserable to be successful...

You don’t have to give up on your ambition to be happy. Interested in coaching, but want to know if I’m the coach for you? Schedule a discovery conversation today.
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You’re brilliant, busy, and have a million ideas about ways you could grow. You just need support.

Let's play with possibility.

Our first steps are about playing with possibility. What do you want? What works for you? How does it serve you and others? The more we explore, the more you consider, the more the world opens up for you.

Choose and Create the life you want.

This area is where we apply what we’ve learned from exploration, choose what resonates for you, and create projects from there. You will likely have more than one project, some of which have shorter timelines than others. Your projects are the containers of our coaching – this is how we measure that you’re making the progress you intend.

It's time to unlearn all of your B.S.

This area is where we uncover and unlearn all the disempowering things that have held you back and that don’t serve you. We will question everything. You will learn to relate to yourself in a way that is empowering and self-serving.

Want to know if we are a good fit?

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Walking on a path

Move forward on the path YOU want to be on.

When you work with a coach, you are the expert on you, and our work together is to move your obstacles, limiting beliefs, and bullshit out of your way so you can go create whatever it is that your heart desires. As the expert, you will decide the direction you want your projects (and your life) to go, and together our partnership will accelerate you on these paths.

Obstacles are natural when moving onward and upward.

Naturally, as you get closer to your goals and desires you will likely encounter obstacles, fear, self-sabotage, or other gaps. Our work will be focused on moving past or through these obstacles. In the event you find yourself really stuck, we may agree that a healing modality such as therapy would also be supportive.

Steps on a path
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What you want is on the other side of a no shit, no kidding, commitment to yourself.

Sometimes we want to create new results as easily and as soon as possible. We’ll abandon goals, say “this is good enough,” and do all sorts of other bargaining because we get scared or worried or think we’ll fail. Your role in this process is to be willing, to practice, to be trusting, and to be vulnerable. Unlearning your bullshit and chasing your dreams isn’t an overnight magic trick. While you’ll likely see results quickly, true shifts and big dreams take a little longer to accomplish.

Self-Evaluation Workbook

This workbook is intended to discover some of your pain points, and start getting clear on the steps you need to take to get you out of this space. I promise you, you don't have to stay stuck and dissatisfied.
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Individual Coaching Results

lives impacted

From 2018 to early 2023, between groups, training coaches, Chief and 1-1 clients, 100+ lives have been impacted working with me.

Bad asses
from all industries

I don't only work with lawyers... My clients range from lawyers to performers and everywhere in between.

return on investment

On average (financially and in time wealth) my clients obtain a 300% return on investment.

Success Story
Erin challenged me to really develop a heightened sense of awareness about the things I was working on, why I was working on them and my mindset.
Maya May
Standup Comic
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Individual Coaching: Frequently Asked

How do I know 1:1 Coaching is the right fit or me?

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A lot of factors can go into determining the right fit, but here is a checklist to start you off:

Being excellent at doing all of the things isn’t satisfying anymore.

You have 2-4 goals in mind for over the next 6-12 months. Working on your own (either via self-help books or attending one-day workshops) has been insufficient in seeing the results you want.

You thrive when having a partner who can hear all of you, and are then open to receiving feedback.

You are pretty clear on some patterns or habits that are contributing to what’s stopping you, but are unsure on how to reinvent those patterns.

You want to have a different experience of yourself - maybe it’s lighter, more fun, more ease, more joy, but still ambitious and wildly successful.

What happens in a Discovery Session?

Discovery sessions are like interviews, but way more fun. I will tell you all about me (if you want to know!) and I’ll also ask you some questions about yourself and what brought you to me. From there, I’ll talk about my coaching process, how it typically works, and next steps. If in your gut you already know that I am the coach for you, I still recommend this initial conversation because I ultimately believe that we need to feel that good fit with each other before signing on.

What's the investment?

It depends. Transparently, the investment you make will depend on a number of factors including where we start, shifting goals and desires, and your relationship with resistance and obstacles. The minimum commitment is ten months for $1,500/month ($15,000). Many clients work with me for 18 months or longer. The minimum commitment is 10 months for a few reasons.

First, it typically takes people two to three months to clearly identify projects and goals, and start to create habits and structures that support you in achieving those outcomes.

The second reason is that because coaching is a partnership, there's often an intimacy breakthrough around month four that allows us to start creating breakthrough results in your projects. So, while you might have a few new habits after three or four months, being able to transform your experience in the world requires breakthrough work, and that happens when you fully commit to yourself and the work.

The final reason for the 10 month commitment is that everyone encounters obstacles, even when things are on track and going well. We work together to create accountability and progress regardless of feelings and circumstances. Typically it takes at least 10 months to have this kind of empowered relationship with your future.

Who is your dream 1:1 client?

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Shonda Rhimes - She’s brilliant, creative, prolific, invests in her teams, cares about well-being, creates community, lives by her principles and also is willing to reconsider when things do or don’t work for her. What I love about Shonda Rhimes is that she is transformative, powerful, influential, relentless, and vulnerably shares about her experiences as a black creative executive woman. She also writes about powerful women in all sorts of careers, and that breadth of imagination is enticing to me because that’s something my clients and I play around with.

Do you only coach lawyers?

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Not at all! Many of my clients are attorneys, but that’s in large part because my network has a lot of attorneys. Being a coach requires trust, and so much of my business is based on referrals and word of mouth. Because of my background, many attorneys and comedians seek me out to take them to the next level, and I love how much those professions have in common. I coach anyone who relates to themself as a high-performer who wants to have their lives actually be as awesome as they are.

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