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Whispers of the Universe

This blog explores the idea that the Universe is always communicating with us, offering nudges and whispers that can guide us towards our best lives. By learning to listen to these messages, we can find joy, ease, and possibility, even in the midst of uncertainty and struggle.

Hi Friend,

Have you ever seen the clip from Oprah talking about the whispers of the Universe? The TL;DR of this clip is that the Universe is always speaking to you. Sometimes the nudges are subtle, and sometimes they’re bricks upside the head. Watch the whole thing - it’s worth the two and a half minutes.

I’ve noticed a trend in the recent months - lots of talk about finding the right time, trying to decide the right move, feeling unsure, and wanting to feel safe. I’ve felt those things too! Is now the time to do more speaking? Is now the time to move? Is now the time to consider an in-house role? Are these nudges from the Universe? Am I listening to the whispers?

When I was a young lawyer, I really struggled. There were times where I thought the Universe was telling me that I was destined for mediocrity, and that this was all I deserved. Now, 5 years after leaving the law, and 20+ years into my career, I can see that the Universe was SCREAMING at me. Because I’m a stubborn one, I didn’t listen. Looking back, it’s kind of impressive that I was able to sustain myself for as long as I did when I was completely out of alignment.

It’s not easy to differentiate a nudge from the Universe and an idea sometimes. How do you know? For me, those nudges and whispers are more like inner truths. When I finally chose coaching, it was like a thump; I felt the truth of this idea in my whole body. How I’d do it wasn’t clear; but I knew that if I tried, I could. It was the same feeling when I walked into my current home; I just knew that this was where I was meant to live for a while.

It takes practice to listen to those messages. Sometimes they’re super inconvenient. Sometimes they seem at odds with the other areas of your life. My experience of them might not be like your experience of them. Maybe you see your whispers; maybe your environment delivers the messages; maybe this is confirmation that the thing you’ve been considering is the way to go.

We all get these nudges; the choice we have is when to listen to them. If you keep ignoring them, or you tell the universe “Now’s not the time,” you might find yourself struggling more than necessary. You might find yourself less happy than you know you can be. You might feel disconnected, distracted, or frustrated more than you feel joy, ease, or possibility. You get to choose how to live, and honestly, it doesn’t have to be a constant struggle.

If you’ve been feeling some of that uncertainty and there’s been something you’re considering but you’re allowing the “but what abouts” to stop you, I hope that you’ll allow yourself to let the Universe help you.

With love,


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