• Erin Conlon

What the Eff is Possibility?

There are thousands of ways for me to try and illuminate what Possibility is, and how you can access it. Maybe it would help for us to talk about what possibility isn’t.

  • Possibility is not a menu; it’s not choosing predetermined outcomes.

  • Possibility is not letting shit happen to you, because “the Universe knows.”

  • Possibility is not allowing ideas to pop into your brain and then let them pass with a shrug of your shoulders, and an “it could happen.”

  • Possibility is not a likelihood.

  • Possibility is not a fantasy.

  • Possibility is not predicting.

  • Possibility is not gambling.

So then what the everlovingfuck are we talking about here Erin? For me, Possibility is a choice; it might even be my life purpose (after Love, of course!).

I have a mentor who regularly says “You will always win at the game you’re playing.” It took me a while to understand what she was saying, but through the lens of Possibility I now see that if you’re playing to keep what you have, you’ll probably stay static.

HOWEVER, if you play to win – to go beyond what already exists - that’s when Possibility comes into our lives.

When you choose Possibility, you are telling yourself that you don’t know what the outcome might be, but you’re willing to see it, go for it, live it. So, what does that even mean? It could mean that you make partner even when they tell you it’s not your year. It could mean that you meet and connect with the love of your life, even though you kind of fucking hate yourself right now. It could mean that getting lost in the woods leads you to a house made of candy. The point is – YOU DO NOT KNOW.

My clients are all incredibly brilliant people who have spent their entire lives knowing. They know the right answer, the right thing to do, the right person for them, the right way to lose weight. My brilliant, creative, force-of-nature clients come to me because what is “right” in the world isn’t necessarily right for them; or maybe it’s not right for them anymore. They want to go beyond what people expect of them, and into what is possible.

This begs the question – What the F* is possible? My honest answer – Anything.

ANYTHING is possible. When you choose your brilliance, creativity, connection, heart, and magic, you are able to create whatever it is that your soul craves. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from. The only thing that matters is that you make the choice and go for it.

Possibility is a choice, a place to come from, a willingness to be with the unknown. It’s soulful, loving, devoid of probability. Possibility is choosing to live your dream with commitment and love. Possibility is for you, no one else. As your coach, I’ll ask you to choose what’s possible. Are you ready?

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