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On Our Relationship with Time

Daylight savings is here (maybe even permanently), and I’m digging it. I enjoy more daylight in the evenings because it makes my days...

Daylight savings is here (maybe even permanently), and I’m digging it. I enjoy more daylight in the evenings because it makes my days seem longer and less rushed. Maybe it’s my circadian rhythm, maybe it’s just a personal preference, but every year when the clocks spring forward, I feel like I come out of hibernation. I’m ready to go out (sometimes)! For me, more light = more possibilities.It’s funny to me that Spring Forward is often referred to as losing an hour, but that’s not really true; we all just agreed to change our time-measuring instruments to a different calibration. Time itself didn’t change - our relationship to it did.

Yes, we have more daylight in the evenings, but that’s not just because the government gave it to us. It’s because the sun and earth are dancing in a way where in the Northern Hemisphere, daylight is growing. The Sun and earth are always in this dance - leaning in, circling around, leaning away - and this cycle is what shifts our experience each day, not our clocks.

My point in all of this - time is a measurement and it’s our relationship to time that creates all the feelings and meaning. This is kind of how everything is - there are the facts of something, and then our relationship to the facts, situation, person/people color our experiences.

If you feel like you don’t have enough time, or you’re running out of time, or time is moving too fast, or you’re not getting there soon enough, my invitation to you is to consider the following: How are my interpretations coloring my experience? What’s the experience I want to have?

Personally, I want a more expansive experience. I want to slowly amble with Zelda to the dog park where we hang out with our friends, and then come back to watch the sunset from my balcony. I want the freedom to do that and also keep serving you, training new coaches, and writing newsletters like this that hopefully bring you some value. To have this experience, I can’t give myself 26 hours each day; I just have to make choices that allow me to slow down, be present, and go forth. So I will.

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