• Erin Conlon

Coaching F.A.Q.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a relatively new profession/service. At its most basic level, coaching is a process where the client outlines their ambitions, goals, and desires, and the coach and client partner to help the client take action toward and create the mindset for their ambitions, goals, and desires.

How is coaching different from therapy?

Coaching and therapy are complimentary and distinct processes. Very often similar themes come up in therapy and in coaching; the difference is in how professionals approach what’s presented. When working with a therapist often the goals of therapy are based in healing the past. Coaching is distinct from therapy in a couple of ways – Coaching is future oriented, client directed and within the structure of projects.

Why would I want to work with you, coach?

There are many reasons why my clients choose to work with me. Some of my clients come to me because they’re stalled in their careers and they want to figure out what’s next for them. Others choose to work with me because they want to value themselves more, create new businesses, have better relationships, and love themselves more. What I’ve found is that each time someone comes to me for one thing, we end up empowering all aspects of their lives.

But I’m fine. I don’t need help!

You are! Because I relate to my clients as whole, healthy, and complete, we can both agree that you don’t *need* my services. Nevertheless, it never hurts to have extra support and an independent ear who is listening for the what you are and aren’t saying, patterns that keep showing up for you, and frankly your bullshit stories that aren’t serving you.

How do I know that it works?

I hope the testimonials from my previous and current clients are illustrative. Honestly, you have to try it out for months in order to see the changes. Coaching is an active process, and it also takes time to work through all those protective layers you’ve used to keep you safe. I don’t promise specific results because often what we start with is not what we end up working toward. I can promise you that having a coach will help you implement all of those books you’ve read and take action to have the life of your dreams.

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